Measurable Objectives – Each athlete will be working towards their own individual goals while simultaneously working towards their team or class goals. Each athlete will know what they need to work on and improve on from tryouts on. They will be evaluated and given their evaluation results to be used as a guide to where they are and where they want to go.

Positive Coaching and Environment – The coaches primary role is to support each athlete to meet their individual and team goals. The coaches and Athletes will be expected to be always their B.E.S.T. self while in this program.
B. Body Language
E. Eye contact
S. Saying or doing something kind
T. Tone of voice

Technical Training – The coaches will be given opportunities to continue to learn about their sport at the highest levels. Their technical knowledge of the sport and all it takes to succeed will put the athletes a step ahead. This will ensure that all athletes continually work on all necessary parts of the sport for them to succeed. Flexibility, Stunting, Conditioning, Tumbling, Dance and Jumps will all be integrated into daily practices and classes.